1. Perspective.
We have spent the last decade marketing for  small businesses and startups, we know what works, what doesn’t and how to navigate the maze of options. Not only are we aware what is present, we anticipate the future.

2. Holistic Approach.
We first define a strategy to a project then design & develop the tools. Taking time to allow the project to adapt, grow and take on a life of its own. Philosophy is a big part of our design approach, we ask important questions like “what is the purpose of existence?” -(Please let us know if you find out).

2. Balance.
Finding a balance between functionality and design by implementing the right technology that meets the project goals. Knowing how to be efficient and when to draw the line between perfection and effectiveness, sometimes you just need to get the job done and not get stuck in the endless cycle of perfection.

3. Communication.
A successful design process requires a great deal of collaboration. We use project management software to manage all aspects of a project giving your full control and being able to visualize at what stage the project resides, so you are never in the dark. From Basecamp we manage tasks, milestones, assets, files, credentials and discussions. It’s fun and hands on.

Basecamp CRMBasecamp is a web-based tool which allows us to manage and track projects and ideas in one central, easily accessible location – on the Internet. Basecamp allows us to organize messages, create milestones and to-do-lists, and even communicate live via chat room with our clients, all within their favorite web browser. Most importantly, the client will always know exactly what is happening with their project.
Watch a quick introduction to Basecamp video.

4. Layers.
Building a business is a lot like a multi-layer cake. You must keep the end result in mind while focusing on what is important now, in this moment. A good example is our approach to SEO; website optimization is an integral part of any successful web design process. The website must load as quickly as possible and it must be optimized for the search engines. We use web platforms and standards in our website development that are optimized for performance, compliance and scalability.

5. Technology.
Our background is in engineering, so using the right tool for the job is important to us.  Our websites are built on content management systems that allow you to control every aspect of its content and function. For the sake of longevity, scalability and usability we have chosen to work with WordPress, WPMU and Drupal for community sites, blogs and business websites. We also offer an affordable static site option as landing pages or informational brochures.

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