As technology grows businesses are asked to keep up, whether you do or do not really depends on your service or product and your willingness to embrace change. However, it might be a good idea to keep a pulse on what could be around the corner.

In the last 4 years we have seen lightening fast growth and change in interfacing; from monitors, keyboards and mouse to touchscreen phones and tablets. Web design has kept pace with this by creating standards for mobile platforms and responsive design techniques to allow content and elements to adapt to the client platform, be it large screen monitor using mouse and keyboard or an iPhone. The transition was not easy for us designers, we started first by building apps for smart phones, then mobile sites, then both mobile sites and apps, until we settled with the much more efficient Responsive Design technique. Mobile apps are still useful for specific tasks and applications but not necessary for every company to produce.

Looking forward we have to consider what might be the next interface and what can we learn from the mobile interface transition.

Augmented Realty is –here?

Not sure if it is ‘present’ as much as it is presently ‘in development’, with those now buying the technology as the walking test lab for the tech. Here’s what I am seeing as ways that platform interface might change in 2014 and what to look out for:

Google Glass

Holographic Interface

Wearable Tech

I don’t think we need to jump to new tech when it comes out as everything takes time, also, to add to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle we can Use Longer.  That said, I hope this post helps to prep you for your potential future interface.