Don’t get stuck!

Your vision and inspiration is like a river, let it flow, don’t dam up, damn it. When you find yourself trying to control all the aspects of your creation, which leads you to thinking unnaturally ie; going against the natural flow of life and death cycles of ideas, then you need to stop and take a breath, remind yourself that this vision of yours needs to be open and free to discover itself.

This can be  exemplified in logo’s. The logo is the first visual element representing a brand, its important, but also not as important as you letting go and setting it free. Let the evolution begin, it has to start somewhere.

See these classic example of logos that started off one way and evolved into something else. You can also see that the elements that were important or had value remained, while confusing and overly expressive elements faded away. It’s a good reminder to keep it simple and precise, while being open to interpretation and discovery.

logos change and adapt