I have been immersed in technology for some time now, maybe a bit longer then most, however my struggles with tech are becoming more commonplace as technology surrounds our world. When I was first starting out in marketing I worked in the marketing department of a corporate tech company in Southern California. I remember at the job interview being asked “How are you with multi-tasking?”. At the time I was an ‘expert multitasker’, or so I thought; “Yes, I can handle many tasks at a time and excel” I answered. Cough ..cough.. BS!

There are people, for example my wife, who can perform multiple tasks at an accurate level, I think mothers have an innate ability to focus in the midst of chaos. I would venture to say that we are all multitasking at some level most of the time, but I view it differently now then I did back at the marketing department.

I configure my days now to be focused, with multitasking opportunities left to a short period a the beginning of the day, i.e. right now, as I check my email, upload some files, synchronize my contacts, wait for a phone call and write this post. Next I will turn off my phone and make my best effort to fully involve myself in a task for a specific client. That’s it, nothing else. Maybe some music.

If you are a client of mine, I hope you understand why I might be unreachable at times, however you can take advantage of my work habits by setting up a time in advance for a phone conference or meeting. Emergency tasks can now be sent to the helpdesk by visiting help.belikeliquid.com or emailing [email protected] e l i k e l i q u i d . com (spaced to spoof spam bot).

Here is a great info-graphic from Visually on the multitasking and productivity.


cost of multitasking