A follower or a Fan means an opportunity for repeated engagement.

When someone decides to follow your account or page, you can engage with them over and over again through status updates and Tweets. But followers don’t just see your content, they take actions that benefit your business.

As you engage your followers over time, you create more opportunities for them to share content, make purchases or recommend your business to others. With Twitter or Facebook Ads, you can quickly build your community of followers, giving you more people to communicate with, and engage on a regular basis.

By targeting your audience through demographic, geographic location, interests and hobbies you can build your audience and communicate the info to them that they are looking for and are more inclined to share or interact with.

Don’t make the mistake of over saturating them with content however, that might have the opposite effect that you are looking to achieve. Be aware and conscious of your topic and deliver it when appropriate.

Blogging gives you the chance to state your voice and opinion on subject, just like I am doing here and now with this blog, social media is a way to share that information with your fans & followers. It’s not about sales, its about your mission, stay mission driven and it will impact your sales and give you a holistic and balanced business with an organic marketing plan that adapts to your customers.