maui locksmithHave you heard of 23/7 service? This is Maui Lock’s signature (almost) around the clock service. These guys are the best at what they do (locksmith service), here on Maui for many years .

This small budget project needed a professional, clean look that also was friendly and island style. Sometimes it can be difficult to mix “island style” and “professional”, but not with Maui Lock, as that is exactly what they are. We decided to center the theme on the beautiful Maui sky, which evokes island style and doesn’t lock the business to one part of the island (say if we used a photo of the North Shore).

The site is super duper easy to use, you never need to leave the first page, you can scroll through the slides and review all the services provided, bing bang boom. Oh and the site is built on WordPress as a CMS, so easy to update content and blog, which keeps the site up to date and SEO friendly.