As part of our continuous effort to give you a better experience, we have just migrated our customer support processes to Freshdesk.

We strive to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities and best-practices in Freshdesk, to give you a better support experience.

How does this make a difference to you ?

Not a lot changes in terms of how you get in touch with us. You can shoot us an email to [email protected], and our support system will automatically create a ticket on your behalf.

You will also be notified of our responses and status changes to your tickets via email as well, and you can send out your replies directly. The first time you send us a support query, you will receive an email with activation
instructions to login to our support portal at

Example Email Ticket:

  • To: help @ belikeliquid . com
  • Subject: Website Update – Navigation
  • Body: I need to change the navigation on the website. This is a medium priority task. I estimate a 1-2 hour task.

You can add additional information to the email, like bid amount, hourly budget, expense estimate etc. This info will help us take action on the task, however it is not mandetory. You can simply send an email as you normally would, just send it to the ticket email help @ belikeliquid . com (spaces added to spoof spam bots).

Services you can request via help desk:

  • Web development
  • Hosting & Email support
  • Software & Programming
  • Design services
  • Print products
  • Emergency tasks
  • Marketing Tasks
  • Content and copy writing

Going forward, you can check the status or add comments to your support queries here. We are actively populating our support portal with FAQs and solutions in our knowledge base, so you can help yourself to how-tos and instructions. You can also discuss your ideas and share tips in our community forums.

Talk to us on Social too Our support team is now listening to conversations on our Twitter handle (@belikeliquid)) and Facebook page ( In addition to phone (206-629-2266), email and through our website, feel free to reach us here as well.

We love hearing from you

We strive to give you an awesome support experience with every query, and your feedback will help us get there faster. We will be sending out satisfaction surveys for you to rate your support experience with us periodically. If you have any doubts or queries regarding our new support tools and policies, please drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll be glad to assist you. And make sure you visit our new support portal at