Shaka Obama

No matter your political views, today was exciting. I couldn’t help but feel a new era has begun, one that included my generation, my decisions, my business and my home. Being raised in Brazil, and spending most of my teenage years in Japan, I always felt a bit disconnected from US politics. Obama not only crossed the racial lines, but he has a multi-cultural background like me. So, as African Americans must feel a sense of kindredship, I do to. Obama is also born and raised in Hawaii, where cultures come together and form a culture all it’s own.

I’m interested to see what Obama will do to help Hawai’i, it’s people, aina and native Hawaiians. I hope that something can be done to support the many good causes and cultural programs and reach out to the Hawaiian people to bring about some sort of vindication or expression of contrition.

Obama, go get um cuz!