This is a great little insight to SEO tactics. In this case these guys are experimenting with improving “Google Places” listings, and some of these techniques can work for websites and pages as well. The panelists at last week’s “HardCore Local SEO” panel at SMX Advanced, Mike Ramsey of Nifty Marketing, Will Scott of Search […]Continue Reading


If you are thinking about registering a new domain name, do not try it out first 1.by entering it as a search term in Google or any other search engine 2.by keying in the URL window of a browser to see if it is being used 3. by entering it into any WHOIS search page, […]Continue Reading


This song is one of my favorites. The more I listen to it, I find different interpretations, so I Googled around to find out more about this song and what it means, and found this, I thought I would share this even thou it might seem off topic. This is a song about truth. when […]Continue Reading



Have you ever had a bad customer? A customer that just wasn’t happy whether by the fault of their own, or by mistakes made by employee’s or outside influences; is a unhappy customer none-the-less. Off they march to Google Places, Yelp or TripAdvisor loaded with slanderous words and a fast clicking mouse finger dead set […]Continue Reading


Every year Google gathers a list of the top search queries from their users in the US and 50 countries worldwide. The list is called, “Zeitgeist,” which comes from German meaning, “The spirit of the times.” This is a great way to get your motor humming as you think about ways that you can attract […]Continue Reading


Usability is a big topic that usually get’s ignored by website owners, but not most web designers. In today’s economy, most clients are looking for a “quick fix” or “just build me a website like this one”, the client is assuming that what they see in another website could be easily implemented for them, just […]Continue Reading


At Liquid Media we use 3 levels of Search Engine Marketing in our strategy; on page optimization, incoming link / social popularity, and finally PPC or pay per click. We don’t believe in using only one technique in generating traffic, but rather a holistic approach, which includes biding on specific key terms via Adwords and […]Continue Reading


If you are a SEO client of ours then you are listed on Google Places, a simple Google directory showing businesses based on search terms. A problem in the past was when a business address was also their home address, so the listing would only show near their home address location. So say you provide […]Continue Reading


Short answer. Yes. But not until you test your theme on WP 3.0 on a separate install of WordPress. WordPress 3.0 has been long anticipated by many of us in the web design and WordPress development field. It takes the best of WordPress and WordPress MU and merged the code base. Do some research on […]Continue Reading