Typography is an art, same could be said for hand writing, just not mine. Typing copy and code all the time has put a fork in my hand writing skills, but if you have good or interesting hand writing, why not use it in your marketing media? There are tools you can use to capture […]Continue Reading


Have you heard of 23/7 service? This is Maui Lock’s signature (almost) around the clock service. These guys are the best at what they do (locksmith service), here on Maui for many years . This small budget project needed a professional, clean look that also was friendly and island style. Sometimes it can be difficult […]Continue Reading


The Outdoor Gear is an online store offering discount hiking apparel and outdoor gear. Our goal with this project was to increase the bottom line (sales). Successful stores employ a combination of techniques, strategies, platforms and good ol’ fashioned business practice to reach their goals. We started by addressing the objectives of the site and […]Continue Reading


Before you decide if your site should be catered to the Apple iPad market, we need to affirm a few things. The iPad is new, with any new product, there is a margin error in the design that needs to be resolved over time using updates and new models. Who will be using the iPad […]Continue Reading


So you need to change a link or text on your WordPress blog that repeats across many articles, pages or posts? No problem, follow my simple instructions to find text or html and replace or delete. First be sure to backup your database! Open your Cpanel by logging into www.yourdomain.com/cpanel The username/password is normally the […]Continue Reading


We have been receiving many questions from clients about HTML 5, folks asking “I need my site to be compatible with HTML 5” or “is my site going to work when HTML 5 is released?” etc etc. First off, any software upgrade is almost always going to be backwards compatible. So in web software if […]Continue Reading


Have you heard the news? This past month, Microsoft® and Yahoo! received regulatory clearance to form the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance in the United States and European Union. This milestone is an exciting step in our effort to give your business a time-saving and cost-efficient way to connect with a larger combined audience of […]Continue Reading


News flash: We are excited to have been awarded a new opportunity in Seattle, WA. Over the next few months we will be establishing a new office and focusing our efforts on one specific project. Please bear with us during this time and know that we will respond to your emails and phone calls within […]Continue Reading


A Few Good Creative Men Truth In AdvertisingContinue Reading


We recently launched a new project called Blue Soul. It is a concierge/Maui activity experience. These guys have been planning activities for Maui visitors for years now, there clients have mostly been visitors looking for someone take them around the island and introduce them to new experiences. There services include: Maui Surf Lessons (group or […]Continue Reading