Has the Maui design community progressed so much as to garner it’s own “design style”? Probably not. However, there are many styles of graphic design that thrive in our literature and marketing material including Hawai’iana, Vintage, Grunge, Retro, Minimalist and Neutral. A design style that I have not seen enough of around town is what’s […]Continue Reading


Aloha! We will be turning the phones off for the next week as we take some much needed down time. Please shoot us an email at info at belikeliquid.com or via our contact form. Since you’re here, check out some of our most recent work: http://www.adventureballoons.net http://www.bayvillasaoao.com http://www.pemhawaii.com http://www.hawaiiancanoeclub.org http://www.sportsclubkahana.com http://www.swellwomen.com http://www.islandcooling.com Be back June […]Continue Reading


By Maggie Shiels Technology Reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley Google says users are becoming more sophisticated at search Web giant Google has unveiled new products that it says will push search in a new direction. Google is using so-called semantic web technology to leverage the underlying data on websites to enhance results. “The race in […]Continue Reading


Color plays an important role in society by affecting people’s purchasing decisions based on their personalities and/or the image that they want to convey. Through stimulating people’s senses, color determines conceptual intentions of products depending on people’s sensuous desires. Studies have confirmed that color influences decisions to purchase merchandise by grabbin g people’s attention. Although […]Continue Reading


Liquid Media recently launched a new website for Hawaiian Canoe Club. This probono project was truly a labor of love, as I am a member of the club and strongly stand by community support of cultural and youth programs. Our goal with this project was to capture the essence of the club in the design, […]Continue Reading


What is interest-based advertising and how will it benefit me? Interest-based advertising enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests (e.g. ‘sports enthusiasts’), and allows them to show ads based on a user’s previous interactions with them, such as visits to advertiser websites. To complement interest-based advertising, the Ads Preferences Manager lets users view […]Continue Reading


I have been receiving quite a few calls regarding Hawaiian Telcom Premium Clicks, which is a Search Engine Advertising product provided by Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages. The first question i get is usually; “is it worth it?” then “Should I do it” and often “I just signed up, was that the right decision?”. First off, […]Continue Reading


Just because you have a #1  listing on Google does not mean you have reached the pinnacle of your industry, or maybe it does?  I have been doing business as a Information Resource consultant since 2002 and I have been fortunate to work alongside some great designers, programmers and professionals here on Maui. This is […]Continue Reading


No matter your political views, today was exciting. I couldn’t help but feel a new era has begun, one that included my generation, my decisions, my business and my home. Being raised in Brazil, and spending most of my teenage years in Japan, I always felt a bit disconnected from US politics. Obama not only […]Continue Reading


If you live Maui you drive by (or on) a giant mountain everyday, Hale’akala. We stop periodically to admire the auspicious presence and feel the mana cascade from it’s slopes. Visitors make the drive up everyday in the dark and cold mornings to watch the sunrise -something I have never done. Sunsets however, from the […]Continue Reading