RockMolds.comEcommerce projects can sometimes be very challenging and often complicated and tedious. We are always looking at ways we can cut down on all that and create successful projects, so staying up to date on software takes up a lot of time. I am happy that we have been able to streamline our CMS sites together with ecommerce platforms, as we did with our most recent project

The client requested a more “zen” approach in the design (yes, we like that) and more streamlined website that could be updated and maintained. Another big objective was the Search Engine Optimization of the site, so big time balance of design, function and marketing. We are all very happy with the result of the first phase of the site, which successfully addresses all the key objectives. The next phase will have it’s new challenges, as we aim to create a member area for online training and streaming video. For now, take a look at the all new concrete stamps and textures, I hope you find it educating and easy to use, with all your questions answered (fingers crossed).