Usability is a big topic that usually get’s ignored by website owners, but not most web designers. In today’s economy, most clients are looking for a “quick fix” or “just build me a website like this one”, the client is assuming that what they see in another website could be easily implemented for them, just change out the logos and verbiage and viola! How long could that take? The problem with that approach is that many aspects of design and marketing is passed over and never given enough thought, usability being one of them.

In Jacob Neilsons article, College Students on the Web, he talks specifically about young adults, teenagers and college students, which you may think is not your target market, and that is fine, however, think about your target market while reading through this article and you can quickly see how trends like these stated about college students etc, are just as common in other markets, or contrast completely. Building a profile of your target end user and building a site that appeals to them and works in the different possible scenarios will help to build a successful website and marketing plan.

Students are multitaskers who move through websites rapidly, often missing the item they come to find. They’re enraptured by social media but reserve it for private conversations and thus visit company sites from search engines.