custom web designWe are available for custom web development and contract services at discounted monthly rates. By decreasing admin overhead and increasing our productivity, both parties benefit from extended commitments.

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“We hired Liquid Media to develop our dot com startup, which was quite a complex project with many challenges. Naim Ferguson and his team developed a strategy, designed a brand and built  a web application for a fraction of the cost estimated by the firms we audited for this project. The work was extraordinary, cutting edge and way beyond expectation.  We have been fortunate to have discovered this powerful resource called Liquid Media! “

– Dr Bryan Scott, Scotts Pharmacy

Dedicated Contract Services

  • Website Design/Development
  • Web Mastering
  • SEO pay-per-click management
  • Marketing research
  • Product development

6 Month Term
Plan ID Hours in Plan Cost Per Hour Monthly Total Regular Rate Monthly Savings 6 Month Savings
6×10 10 $70 $700 $850 $150 $900
6×20 20 $65 $1300 $1700 $400 $2400
6×40 40 $60 $2400 $3400 $1000 $6000