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CONTENT IS KING!!! You have heard me say this many times, and this is part of the reason why you have a website from Liquid Media using a CMS, so you can build content and speak your message as you grow your business. While having more content helps users and search engines to decide how […]Continue Reading


1,000 songs in your pocket. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You may recognize that marketing message from one of the biggest companies around today. Or you may not. It doesn’t matter if you recognize who crafted that tagline, because you know what you’re getting right away—1,000 songs in your pocket. You don’t know how that happens […]Continue Reading


More than half the battle of creating compelling content and copy is solid structure. Disorganized writing inhibits understanding, and without understanding, you’re not going to get a warm reception when you ask for action. Plus, without structural guidelines to follow, you end up leaving out information necessary to your case or promotion. There are plenty […]Continue Reading