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My field of integrated communications is a service business that by definition must be productive. People’s deadlines must be met with deliverables executed on a critical path, with many layers of dependencies: Clients depend on teams to launch products, time financial news and outmaneuver competitors. Companies like mine must produce before others can deliver and produce well, staying […]Continue Reading


My son, who is officially an adult in a matter of days, is facing a small crisis: the project he’s working on is not going well, and he’s ready to give up not only on the project but the career he was excited about not too long ago. I can feel the horrible mixture of […]Continue Reading


Don’t get stuck! Your vision and inspiration is like a river, let it flow, don’t dam up, damn it. When you find yourself trying to control all the aspects of your creation, which leads you to thinking unnaturally ie; going against the natural flow of life and death cycles of ideas, then you need to […]Continue Reading