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Workflow is one of the most important elements of application design. Can users proceed through their tasks with ease or are they subjected to irritating detours and burdensome extra steps? A workflow’s usability can be lowered in many ways, such as when you require users to remember anything from one step to the next. (Lower […]Continue Reading


Usability is a big topic that usually get’s ignored by website owners, but not most web designers. In today’s economy, most clients are looking for a “quick fix” or “just build me a website like this one”, the client is assuming that what they see in another website could be easily implemented for them, just […]Continue Reading


This is a great article we’ve uncovered, by If your website doesn’t stand out and do a heck of a lot of things right, then chances are it’s going to crash and burn. We’ve even included notes and resources for nearly every item on the checklist (just to make your life easier). The Sections […]Continue Reading