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Themes, Narratives, and Content Marketing Amidst the shuffle of SEO and chasing the next viral hit, marketers often forget that first and foremost, content produces customer success through proactive education.In this endeavor, perhaps the biggest challenge is attracting and keeping readers’ attention long enough for them to implement your advice and see results with it. […]Continue Reading


My client passed this on from, thanks! -Joe When you think about great branding, Coca Cola’s distinctive red and white lettering, Nike’s swoosh and Adidas’s three stripes likely come to mind.  But as a small business, imagining the level of investment that’s goneinto these iconic images can make the thought of undertaking your own […]Continue Reading


I have been immersed in technology for some time now, maybe a bit longer then most, however my struggles with tech are becoming more commonplace as technology surrounds our world. When I was first starting out in marketing I worked in the marketing department of a corporate tech company in Southern California. I remember at […]Continue Reading


A follower or a Fan means an opportunity for repeated engagement. When someone decides to follow your account or page, you can engage with them over and over again through status updates and Tweets. But followers don’t just see your content, they take actions that benefit your business. As you engage your followers over time, […]Continue Reading


If you are familiar with Naim Ferguson and the Liquid Media style of marketing, you know that philosophy plays a big role in all we do. A good idea or message should not be a trick, a gimmick or a hook, what attracts your customers to your product or service are clues and indicators, giving […]Continue Reading


“Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.” –P.T. Barnum American showman P.T. Barnum was a man who knew a little something about the power of social proof, and his evergreen advice stands as a lesson that every business owner needs to learn: Your customers will always be more persuasive than you. No matter how […]Continue Reading



Did you receive an email like this? ########### Subject: To the Marketing Director at _,    I  came across a negative review online about your company, and I was hoping to speak with you directly about this. If you’d like to see it for yourself, here is a link to your Google Places page -> […]Continue Reading


Great article here showing some tips and tricks to Facebook marketing. Try them out on your company Facebook Fan page. 13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips From the Top Pros By Cindy King Facebook continues to be the most powerful social network on the planet with over 750 million active users. Businesses simply cannot ignore Facebook […]Continue Reading