Should I go with a Web Site Package or Contract Services?

If you are looking for an affordable solution, are easy to work with, able to provide content in a simple and timely fashion, can communicate your design ideas prior to design, and are able to communicate primarily via email, then a Web Site Package can help you save money while providing you with a great design and successful web site.

If you would like more guidance and side-by-side involvement in the form of meetings and conference calls; if there will be multiple parties involved in the development process; or if the project will likely involve complex design and development, research, product development, marketing plans, ongoing upgrades, support and training, then please review our Contract Services options.

Which package is right for me?

For a simple online presence, the Brochure Package is the most affordable. The focus is on the design rather then the functions and content.

If you expect to add pages and/or products in the near future, we would suggest you move up to our Online Presence CMS package. This will ensure the scalability of the site, as adding pages is a very simple process.

If you are a small business looking to stand out with a fully custom-designed website that also provides scalability and easy content management, then take a look at our Professional CMS package.

For artists and photographers whose primary objective is to show case their work, our Flash Portfolio Package may be the solution you are looking for.

If creating an online store is your primary objective, please review our e-Commerce Package.

Finally, if you don’t fall into any of the Package categories, we have Contract Service options that might work best for you.

What will my website look like?

For the lower priced packages, we offer a mock-up add-on for $295, in the higher-end packages, this is included in the packaged price. If you choose this add-on, we will provide you with a concept design mock-up for your review prior to start of development. Please consider this option if you are particular about the design style. We will always provide great designs, but the style chosen might be different than what you envision. Please also fill out our survey if you have specific requests and ideas you want incorporated into the design.

What about support and maintenance?

We have assembled our packages to be accessible, affordable and stress free. Your new web site will accompany you and your business as you grow and adapt. If you choose a monthly web master service, we include domain renewal, web hosting, service maintenance, email management, and minor updates/changes (approx ½ hr) per month. Otherwise, you can choose to pay just for the web hosting, and updates and changes if and when requested will be billed at the hourly rate of $85/hour.

What are my payment options?

You can choose to pay for the project entirely (upfront for the base packages, or 50% upfront / 50% upon completion for the higher-end packages), or you can choose a monthly payment option, paying a portion upfront and then a small monthly payment each month via Paypal Auto-pay. The monthly payment is ongoing, and includes free hosting, maintenance, domain registrations and minor updates to your web site content.

After I submit edits, how long till they are completed?

As soon as possible. But to be more specific; work in conducted in a queue

  • Emergency work is always at the top of the queue (site down, incorrect data, effects mission systems etc)
  • Urgent. For a task to be considered urgent, that does not qualify as "emergency" you can pay a 50% upfront increase to the invoice or estimate to be moved to the top of the queue
  • Paid for projects: Clients who have paid there deposit or are in a contract will always get there tasks escalated
  • Pro bono: As we do a lot of volunteer or discounted projects, we either conduct this work on our off hours (weekends) or once paid client tasks are completed.

That being stated, we take all changes, edits and revisions submitted by clients very seriously.We will most likely get the changes completed that day, or within 24 hours. On weekends, please give a little more time in case we’re away.