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Thinking about designing a new website, or even redesigning a site you already have? Here are some basic design strategies to keep in mind for higher engagement and usability. 1. Keep it Simple Whether you’re thinking about your home page, navigation, or content, keep it simple. Don’t make it hard to your visitors to find […]Continue Reading


If you are a Liquid Media client you might like to know there’s a new Basecamp app for the iPhone. It makes it easier to check in on your Basecamp projects wherever you are. Here’s what you can do with it: Check in on your projects from anywhere. Basecamp for iPhone shows you the latest […]Continue Reading


The Dashboard: The Dashboard from Shawn Hesketh on Vimeo. Whats new in Worpress 3.4 What’s New in WordPress 3.4? from Shawn Hesketh on Vimeo.Continue Reading


In his State of The Word this year, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg stated that two thirds of WordPress users take advantage of the platform as a CMS – not as a blog platform. Certainly, WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. But users often turn to Blogger or Tumblr […]Continue Reading


With the increase in popularity of mobile phones and tablets, many of you have become more aware of website layout compatibility on multiple platforms. Something to keep in mind as well is the monitor screen size, we have discussed this many times over the last 10 years or so, but screen size and resolution has […]Continue Reading


Workflow is one of the most important elements of application design. Can users proceed through their tasks with ease or are they subjected to irritating detours and burdensome extra steps? A workflow’s usability can be lowered in many ways, such as when you require users to remember anything from one step to the next. (Lower […]Continue Reading


If you are thinking about registering a new domain name, do not try it out first entering it as a search term in Google or any other search engine keying in the URL window of a browser to see if it is being used 3. by entering it into any WHOIS search page, […]Continue Reading


Usability is a big topic that usually get’s ignored by website owners, but not most web designers. In today’s economy, most clients are looking for a “quick fix” or “just build me a website like this one”, the client is assuming that what they see in another website could be easily implemented for them, just […]Continue Reading


Short answer. Yes. But not until you test your theme on WP 3.0 on a separate install of WordPress. WordPress 3.0 has been long anticipated by many of us in the web design and WordPress development field. It takes the best of WordPress and WordPress MU and merged the code base. Do some research on […]Continue Reading


Before you decide if your site should be catered to the Apple iPad market, we need to affirm a few things. The iPad is new, with any new product, there is a margin error in the design that needs to be resolved over time using updates and new models. Who will be using the iPad […]Continue Reading