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Just because you have a #1  listing on Google does not mean you have reached the pinnacle of your industry, or maybe it does?  I have been doing business as a Information Resource consultant since 2002 and I have been fortunate to work alongside some great designers, programmers and professionals here on Maui. This is my opinion on the top Maui Web Design businesses in Maui Hawaii, based on what they can do to help your business.

Note: There is no particular order in this list (thanks Jake for your feedback). Maui designers, please feel free to comment, get in touch or if I missed your business drop a note so I can add you.

Bump Networks

Bump Networks has been on the scene here on Maui since 2002. Founded by Arben Kryeziu, Bump specializes in content management applications customized for mission specific systems. Portfolio consists of Real Estate sites and nationally known brands. The work is good and usually includes cutting edge graphics and killer tools. Bump is well known for their redesign of and From my discussions with friends who have done work with Arben, be prepared to spend some money, he’s good and he knows what he’s worth.

Dogtowne Graphics

Scott Johnson is a pro. He specializes in graphic design for the music and  entertainment industry. Not to mention local businesses who need timely turn around and professional service. Scott is trained and educated in graphic design with an impressive portfolio. Cheryl Dang works in the web development department and has a artistic eye. Her flash websites all carry the Aloha Spirit and it transcends  to the end user. Very artistic and creative, checkout their work at and

Aha Productions

Have you ever heard the term “Technical Creativity”? Anthony Piscitelli is a creative programmer with a deep sense of consciousness and ability to articulate technical work flows. Need a custom app? Here’s your guy. Or if you are a designer looking for a partner on a big project, Anthony is great to work with. Anthony and I have partnered on a number of projects and I look forward to the next.

Intellectual Eye

Founded by Mo Serafica, Intellectual Eye has the eye for SEO. Mo is the original Maui SEO. Friendly and informative Mo will be a great asset to your project.


iTouch Media is one of the first companies in Maui, Hawaii to offer professional Flash development, website design and hosting packages, custom sound design, live chat applications, 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, cable internet connections, live “real time” reservation systems, complete graphic imaging services, live web cams, streaming video testimonials, and full video production facilities.

Dream Team Media

Dream Team Media thinks big. Till Paris has the big picture you might be looking for. These guys have sites and apps in the Hawaii visitor industry that power many of the advertising efforts of our local hotels and activity company’s. DTM seem to have a well rounded set of tools and skill sets, from design to programming and also marketing.

Tradewind Graphics

Tradewind has been around longer then most, if not all. Here is an excerpt from their site “..we’re one of Maui’s finest and certainly busiest graphic design agencies. We do a bit of everything…and we always do it Maui style!”. Founded by Rob Hawes, Tradewind has been host to a number of notable designers and web masters. One of which, Travis Keenan Tiffan, who did a number of Maui Web Sites and stormed on the Google response pages. From what I read on his site he has now left the island. Great work Travis, I especially enjoyed your designs on Maui Time!

Maui Web Design

I have had the pleasure to meet Jerry when we teamed up to help a mutual friend. Jerry has the experience to get e-comerce projects off the ground and running successfully.  Here is a quote from his website “Maui Web Designs is a Maui, Hawaii based web design company that builds effective, attractive, profitable business web sites.” Maui Web Design sites are very efficient and built on a CMS eccommerce platform in ASP.

Mana Ties

Now I need to get to know these guys, a dynamic duo who’s been building sites on Maui for almost 10 years. Their work speaks for itself, as the site goes straight to the portfolio (nice touch) and you can see so much design style variance. Each one is unique and adapted to the clients essense. Founded by Richard and Inger Tully, I get the feeling that they are ballanced and team oriented. Checkout the “Team” link from their website, says it all. Great work guys!

Aloha Interactive

Although I have not worked with Eric Olson, I have frequented his website at to check the surf report and shop for used boards. If you haven’t checked out, I suggest you do, Eric passion for surf and web design really shines though. Trust me when I say that running a website project like this one is not easy, I speculate that it is a labor of love for mr Olson. Keep up the good work Eric!

Liquid Media

Liquid Media provides marketing services with a focus on strategy and branding. Liquid Media provides design and web applications infused with a online and offline marketing strategy that is ready to adapt to your needs. SMB’s and Entrepreneurs make up the client base. Our goal is to be a partner in your business, part of the team that contributes to your success. A professional you can rely on to fill in the blanks in marketing strategy, design and technology. Liquid Media is a founded by Naim Ferguson, who run the business from a home office.

Project budgets range from $1000-$5000 with long term contracts available at discounted rates.

Hawaii Web Group

Hawaii Web Group stormed on the scene in 2012 and Maui Marketing and Web has not been the same since.

Maui Marketing

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further then Dan Logtenberg and his team at Maui Marketing.


**Note: The opinions above do not represent Liquid Media Design you should do your due diligence when researching which web designer to use for your project, however we hope this gives you some insight. If you would like to dispute any of this info I would be happy to change, remove or recant. If you would like to be added to this list, just make a comment. I’ll continue to maintain this list in the future with new company and excerpts.

Revised April 3rd, 2008.

Published by Naim

Naim is an avid paddler, surfer and sailor, he loves life, his work (Creative Marketing) and helping his clients, friends and partners find success.

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  1. Great list. I agree with your list and comments. I’ve looked at most of these web designers when I was planning to have my blog re-designed. Thanks for the post. Very helpful and informative IMO

  2. Aloha,

    I dont know how you rated these companies in the “top 10” or what your standards are for making this list.

    If you would, please review my website, contact my clients, etc, and consider my company in your list.

    My company iTouch Media has been developing websites and interactive multimedia websites since 1996 and as preceeded ALL of these companies you have listed here.

    A few of the sites and people listed are also colleagues of mine and got started in this business many years after I did.

    Mahalo for your list and consideration, good job!

  3. Hey Joe.. Cool I found this ..thanks for the kind words..just a couple of things..
    my name is spelled Piscitelli ; ) and my main site is in case you haven’t been’s clean and simple design , informative and to the point.

  4. Aloha, Shawn Reid from Presto web design sucks or itouch media or whatever name his company is going by. I’m one of his now ex clients. terrible service. wouldn’t help with anything. His page tells you how much service is per month, but no service is offered. now after months of doing no business, he wants more money even though by email he was notified i no longer wanted his “service” (lack of service) and he replied with, “his company wasn’t for everyone and ok, i wouldn’t be billed anymore. he did nothing but annoy and waste my time and money and send long letters, on how great his company is and basically how i wasn’t doing my part by reading his pages of email bantering and reading manuel length information to answer simple questions when i needed help setting up things like shopping carts, or visa and so on. when i paid Visa a merchant fee and now have a contract with Visa Mastercard that was to be used on Presto Webmaker I got no help from Shawn. I did from Visa Mastercard, they did their best, but said the problem was with Presto. Still Shawn would admit no wrong.
    still i am paying for visa/master card, they said the fault was with “presto” and that that web designer was responsible for his part and they couldn’t make it work either, because Presto was not set up properly. well, I’m no web designer, that is why i hired his company, but he would not help, just send letters, such long letters telling me to
    “read the directions” very long letters on how little old ladies figured it out and if i just took the time to READ READ READ that i would be able to do it. well, i didn’t hire Presto to read manual length information. They offer a service and did nothing.
    what does Shawn Reid actually do in Maui? I know with Go Daddy, they call you, they offer to help and spend time with me, because if i wasn’t successful, they weren’t successful. Go Daddy is right in saying that. That is why you see Shawn blowing his own horn on how great he is on this page, ‘what about imedia” well, the reason he wasn’t mentioned is probably because of the complaints on his company. other people complained about him sounding like some snot nose kid on the other end of the phone line, and not getting any service.
    after working on my webpage for so many wasted hours, i think i’ll forget about a web design page until, i have TIME to actually take a class and then i will do it myself and be informed, not berated by some punk. Shawn your company really blows! mahalo, debra

  5. Debra,

    Sounds like you had a bad experience. And in defense fo Shawn, Presto Web Maker is a WYSIWYG, so its up to the user to build the site.
    You can build your own site, just use WordPress as a CMS and google search for WordPress Themes.

  6. Aloha All,

    This is Shawn Reid, owner of Itouch Media and the DIY web site builder

    This is in rebuttal of “Debra’s” accusations, etc.

    Mahalo to Maui Web Pro for also trying to explain to her what “DO IT YOURSELF” means and what prestowebmake is.

    I partnered wth another company to make presto so shat clients that were on a low budget that could not afford a custom programed and/or designed web site could use this service to build theri own web site. This site offer a 100% FREE 10 day trial to try the system to see if it wil work for you. This does NOT require any credit card or any other payment information to try this, only a valid email address.

    This customer was referred to the very exstenive help system to answer her support questions much beter than i could be email. She was provided phonenumbers to call for help and did not use any of these options. She expected me to build her site for her for free, which I explained is NOT what this service provides, then offered to build it for her for a reasonable fee which she aslo did not wish to do.
    I tried to help the best I could and she did nothing but complain because I would not build it for her. I NEVER agreed to build her site for her for free and this upset her. I sugested that she cancel the service and try something else if she was not happy with it, which she did, eventually.

    She could have also canceld after her 10 day trial was up, but she did not.

    She has posted many slanderous and defaming remarks about me and my company all over the web, all of which are total non-facts excet for the fact she was unhappy with me personally, of this opinon she is of course entitled to.

    I have asked her to retract these slanderous remarks and she has declined to do so.

    Therefore let it be know to all persons, that legal action will now be taken against her.

    Shawn Reid.

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